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Are you ready to create two-page digital planners but…

You aren't sure where to begin?
The thought of hyperlinking the planner intimidates you.
Or you don't think you have the time to create the “fillable” PDF for the process?

Then this course is for YOU!  Let's simplify the process of creating a two-page digital planner in Canva.  Yes – it CAN BE simplified!

Two-Page Digital Planners

Through this course, you can create simple to complex two-page digital planners.  With our printable PDF with click-by-click instructions and our course, including video walkthroughs, we make creating digital planners in Canva a breeze!

A course for those who don't like courses!

Yes, it's true; not every digital product creator responds well to courses that have videos of the process.  And here at, we understand that challenge.  With our printable click-by-click instructions, including screenshots, you can simply print out the process to reference as you build your digital planners in Canva!  

You're welcome!

What to Expect:

Meet Samantha with and receive the PDF printable click-by-click instructions.

Step 1: Create
Step 1 will show you the steps to create a new document with the correct sizing for a digital planner, as well as create the cover page.

Step 2: The Layout
Next, we will create the two-page layout, including adding coils.

Step 3: Tabs and Linking
Step 3 is the most important step of the course!  Samantha will walk you through how to create the tabs, link them, and properly add them to each page.  Digital planners are all about the links!

Step 4: The Planner “Look”
The last step of this course will guide you through the process of giving your end-user that planner look that they are used to with printable planners.

Final Steps
In the final steps, Samantha shows you how the end user uses the digital planner and provides contact information if you get stuck.